Best Cities in Bangladesh

Chittagong literally the cross roads of the Indian subcontinent  Southeast Asia the third city i want to talk about is a city of bol grow board gras is one of the oldest and one of the most fascinating cities in Bangladesh described by some as a nerve center of northern Bangladesh it’s also called the northern capital of Bangladesh the city’s popular attractions bring both foreign as well as local visitors here in numbers that are really increasing every single year
Now one of the most interesting places to visit is the ancient archaeological site which dates back to the 3rd century and is called the maja sangar the city of still hat is the 4th city I want to highlight in this episode now Maiko still had the most beautiful historical city in Bangladesh so that is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh even older than the capital city of Dhaka Silla.
Bangladesh’s most important spiritual and cultural centres it’s also one of the most important cities of Bangladesh in general after Dhaka and Chittagong due to its importance to the country’s economy the backcountry of the still head Valley is the largest oil and gas producing region in the entire.Bangladesh and it’s also the largest hub of tea production in Bangladesh and for a final City we have the city of Khulna
Now cool nut makes it in this episode because it’s an industrial city that’s growing and developing a lot faster than other cities in Bangladesh it’s a third largest city in Bangladesh and it provides an access to the world-renowned Sundarbans which is a home to the biggest mangrove forests in the world and the home of the beautiful Royal Bengal tiger the city of Kona is served by the Mangala port which is the second largest port in Bangladesh big industries Inc will not include the ship industry jute industry sand Durbin’s tourism industry as well as food packing.
so there are five of the best cities in Bangladesh guys let me know down below and comments what other cities do you think should have been in this episode and would you like to see a part two or was it like yeah you know what Leroy .
I wouldn’t change anything I totally agreed with all of your pigs let  me know all of those down below and don’t forget you can follow me on social media Instagram and all that good stuff those links are down below send me a message and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can I love getting all your messages coming in yeah until next time guys stay awesome and I’ll see you real soon where I’m talking about another country or probably the same country who knows later he had for all the overachievers

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